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Easter and spring break with the kids

Of course we had an Easter egg hunt in the back garden of our place in Brooklyn, we have quite a few kids in the building so this is always a fun time.[book id=” /]

Afterwards we headed upstate for a week to hang out at our Yurt. Pip and I planned to put down seed for a lawn. We cleared an area about 7000 sq feet then tilled and added manure, then added seed and covered it all with straw. We have never done this before so it will beĀ interestingĀ to see if we get a lawn or not. I hope we do as I will have an excuse to buy a lawn mower. We had a few visitors come and stay so there was lots of good eating and hanging out.09_04_013909_04_00941
09_04_00491My beautiful children.09_04_005209_04_0132Gracie, Clementine and Finnegan with trampoline hair.09_04_0124Go Theo…….09_04_0099Nico, Finnegan,Gracie,Clementine and Booker after about 3 hours in the “not so hot anymore” tub.

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