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Around the home: Photo Display

With Pinterest giving us an infinite amount of ideas on how to display photos and decorate your home, the time has never been better to get your creative juices flowing!

Most of our newlyweds walk away with over 1000 photos, edited and ready to be used! While many of our couples end up getting an album designed (thanks to The Album Room!) you may be left wondering what to do with the rest of them! You have them all digitally, how do you remember that one special day together and more importantly how to you even chose just one?!  If you have your high resolution files (you always do with us!) you can take it to ours or any lab of your choice to make prints.  Here are a few pins that we absolutely love the idea and a few of our own awesome clients’ ways of incorporating their wedding photos into their home.

We love a good collage: here are two examples (if you look hard enough you’ll see one of Craig’s photos in there!) of a really well done black and white wall from one of our 2014 brides!

FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 4

Here’s a lovely use of space to display photos, inset into the wall:3ab570cb75348cbd748994cb2cc93cc7

Shelving and strategically placing photos in frames is also really beautiful!

Wood transfers for coasters, such a unique and fun idea!707f2266b8559b570385b6422e006c21


Here’s another from one of our 2014 couples: they chose 3 canvases to put up in their apartment!20150508_145811

And one to put above their bed, the color palette matches too!20150508_145834

Tiny photos boxes. Love.dc759735f896d47bd35515541c34481b

Another great use from a past bride of her wall space and simple black frames, keeps the focus on the images themselves!


Don’t know how to use your proof book? One of our brides put it out for display, you’ll be surprised how many people will pick it up and leaf through the pages:IMG_7063

Another amazing couple did three rooms of photo collages! Very well done:photo 1


Tuesday Venue Spotlight: The Foundry

There are just some venues around the city where it seems every frame is amazing-the architecture, decor and general vibe of the place all lend to this. The Foundry is one of our favorite places to shoot-from the ivy covered brick walls, the industrial main space, hanging candle tea lights in the foyer and not to mention the sun drenched courtyard with original cobblestone! Their preferred team of vendors is always incredible, which makes it even more of a joy to shoot at! If you are considering a modern wedding in Long Island City, look no further.

Photos by all of us here at Craig Paulson Photography

TheFoundry_CraigPaulsonPhotography_001 TheFoundry_CraigPaulsonPhotography_002 TheFoundry_CraigPaulsonPhotography_003 TheFoundry_CraigPaulsonPhotography_004 TheFoundry_CraigPaulsonPhotography_005 TheFoundry_CraigPaulsonPhotography_006 TheFoundry_CraigPaulsonPhotography_007 TheFoundry_CraigPaulsonPhotography_008 TheFoundry_CraigPaulsonPhotography_009 TheFoundry_CraigPaulsonPhotography_010 TheFoundry_CraigPaulsonPhotography_011 TheFoundry_CraigPaulsonPhotography_012

Lauren and Justin on Style Me Pretty!

We always get giddy and enjoy remembering a great wedding when we’re featured on Style Me Pretty. This wedding was at one of our favorite venues, The Park. Check out their post on Style Me Pretty here:

Lauren and Justin on Style Me Pretty


Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 1.51.02 PM

Behind the scenes at Craig Paulson Photography

Let’s face it: choosing a photographer is a hard decision and once you find one you can rest assured that a major list item has been checked off! Now what do you do? Maybe you hunt Pinterest for those perfect moments and create a board, or talk to your girlfriends who also used the same photographer (very common!) but how do you know how they work on your wedding day unless you’ve seen them in action?


Craig and the team have been capturing weddings for many years now and it’s safe to say we’ve seen it all! Your photographer often plays many roles-like helping to button the dress because they know a faster way (based on past experiences) or even helping Mom out during an emotional moment and not to mention directing the formal photos to make sure everyone is in place and captured efficiently so as to get to the party stat!


With the help from some of our couples, we’ve collected some stories and images to help you see how fast and hard we work, how we shoot and get into those crazy positions for the perfect angle for the shot! We’re constantly running around capturing those little bubbles of moments that are always happening in every event. We squish ourselves into the middle of the dance floor to photograph that perfect split move (you nailed it just like MJ). We sneak around during the ceremony to catch Grandma wiping her eyes, climb to high places for that awesome sunset view of the cocktail hour. If we can get there, we’re going to, through any situation that may be.



IMG_6048catherine_keith_0072 CJD_0683


From Tara, “The vendor choice I knew would be most important to me in the long run was of our photographer, and Craig and his team exceeded all our expectations. Their photos beautifully capture the entire day, and they gamely trooped in the rain with all their equipment through Central Park’s Ramble after the reception for an extra shoot that remains one of our favorite memories of the day.”


From Susannah: “My husband and I could not have been happier with Craig. Very professional, extremely talented, and barely noticed him on the wedding day. The pictures turned out phenomenal, and are easily our best keepsake from the wedding. He did not miss a moment. We are so impressed!!”

From Amy “As my day approached the weather promised a tropical rain storm. Craig worked with me on ideas about how we could make the most of the photos in the weather. On my wedding day Craig and Kim were extremely professional and personable. We all braved the rain and went outside for all of our pictures, with rain boots and umbrellas! My pictures turned out amazing.”amy_neil_0042

From Sandra: “Courtney did a fantastic job photographing our wedding. She really listened to what we wanted and did a wonderful job walking the line between being really easy and fun to hang out with for the day, and going unnoticed to capture candid moments and let us just enjoy our day without feeling like we were in the photographic spotlight. Photo quality was awesome.

From Kelly: “Courtney is great to work with, very easy going, and she is like a little ninja running around the party, no one saw her but she saw everything! Even when she saw guests taking photos of themselves she would run up to them and tell them she would take it. She almost anticipated when the photo opps came up.

Clare and Andrew on Brides!

Happy #WeddingWednesday everyone. As we close up the day we’d love to share one of our favorite weddings of last year, fellow Aussies Clare and Andrew, as they are featured on Brides!!

Check out their post here: Clare and Andrew’s NYC Wedding on


Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 6.17.19 PM