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Elizabeth and John’s Wedding at the Brookwood Gardens

Elizabeth and John had such an elegant wedding at the end of the summer, perfect timing for cooler weather and bright green colors. We traveled out to Cooperstown, NY to start the day with the two. Liz and John both got ready at the gorgeous Otesaga Hotel right down the street from their venue, Liz prepping with her ladies and John hanging out with the gents. Liz chose a beautiful Badgley Mischka dress for the ceremony and most of the evening, followed by a shorter Jill Stuart dress for dancing and party time. John and his men were wearing matching custom suits with embroidery and a beautiful silk designs on the inside. John’s father even made them all custom socks, a tradition and hobby of his! Once they were ready to see each other we took them outside the veranda for the first look, followed by portraits and family photos against the lake. As guests were arriving at Brookwood Gardens, the entire wedding party boarded a trolley and rode over for a sweet ceremony. Both of their grandmothers were the flower girls and such wonderful energy and happiness followed as they said their vows! Cocktail hour was held down in the garden before the guests were ushered into the tent for the party with dinner, dancing toasts and not to mention the amazing desert and ice cream bar featuring Ommegang Ice Cream, as the brewery is located in Cooperstown! Event planning by Christine Wheat, music by Around Town Entertainment, flowers and design by Renaissance Floral Design, catering by LM Townsend, officiant and ceremony by Elise Rhodes, hair and makeup by Katilin Bray and Jacqueline Nanci at Strut Spalontique.

Photographed by Craig Paulson with Kim Espinosa.


LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens001 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens002 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens003

liz_john_0015 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens004 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens005 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens006 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens007 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens008 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens009

liz_john_0038liz_john_0042 liz_john_0046 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens010 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens011 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens012 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens013 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens014 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens015

liz_john_0064 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens016 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens017 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens018 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens019 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens020 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens021 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens022 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens023 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens024

Brittany & Chris’s Wedding at The Venetian

Brittany and Chris met each other in Vegas, so it was fitting to have a wedding revolving around that theme.  It was held at the end of summer as the heat was starting to cool.  The bride got ready at her parent’s house before heading to Our Lady of Sacred Love for the ceremony, while Chris and the gents got ready at a hotel nearby.  Brittany looked gorgeous in a cream sleeveless empire dress, with every layer a different color when it caught the light right.  Chris looked crisp and handsome in his black tuxedo.  After the ceremony everyone headed out for photos at Lambert Castle with romantic scenes surrounded by beautiful foliage.  Then it was onto the wedding reception held at the beautiful Venetian.  The guests chatted and enjoyed delicious food and drinks during the cocktail hour.  Ice sculptures and flower decorations adorned each table.  Once the guests had entered the ballroom, the bridal party streamed out in pairs to greet them and join in for the grand entrance of Brittany and Chris.  Chris led Brittany down the arched staircase from the balcony where they greeted their guests to much applause, followed by dinner, toasts and dancing! Everyone enjoyed the Vegas themed photobooth from We Love Photobooths filled with props of money, dice and red feathered scarves.  Soon the wedding cake was brought out for the first cut.  The evening ended with cheers and toasts to a bright new future.

Photographed by Courtney Dudley with Caleb Miller.

BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_001 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_002 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_003 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_004 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_005 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_006 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_007 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_008 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_009 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_010 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_011 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_012 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_013 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_014 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_015 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_016 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_017 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_018 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_019 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_020 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_021 BrittanyChris_Venetian_CraigPaulsonPhoto_022

Jennifer & Todd’s wedding at the Yale Club

It was so exciting to see Jennifer and Todd’s beautiful wedding during the peak of summer! Both Jennifer and Todd relaxed and enjoyed their mornings in the Yale Club before getting dressed for the evening. They saw each other for the first time just outside the club on the streets of New York.  Jennifer looked splendid in her satin mermaid cut dress and Todd was handsome in his black tuxedo.  The couple strolled around Central Park for their portraits before heading to Grand Central Station to have photos taken of the bridal party.  They headed to the Yale Club for the ceremony and later the wedding reception.  While the guests enjoyed cocktails after the ceremony, Jennifer and Todd were able to join them after a brief photo session.  They even had a magnificent ice sculpture of the Empire State Building surrounded by a raw bar! The party later was grand, full of dancing and delicious food. Jennifer and Todd, swing dance aficionados, hired the amazing George Gee Swing Orchestra to keep the party going. We ended the evening with some nighttime portraits outside the club near Grand Central for that classic New York City feel before they returned to their party lasting well into the night.

Photographed by Kim Espinosa and Caleb Miller.




JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_002 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_003 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_004 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_005 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_006 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_007 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_008 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_009 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_010 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_011 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_012 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_013 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_014 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_015 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_016 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_017 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_018 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_019 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_020 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_021 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_022 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_023 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_024 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_025 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_026 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_027 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_028 JenniferTodd_YaleClub_CraigPaulsonPhotography_029

Erin & Luke’s wedding in Cutchogue, New York

Erin & Luke were such a laid back couple. Already technically married and new parents of an adorable baby boy, these two were ready to party and celebrate with all their close friends and family. They chose a their wonderful home out on the north fork of Long Island in Cutchogue, complete with sunset ocean views and lots of greenery. Erin donned a beautiful lacy dress (with pockets!) and her mother’s pearl necklace that made her stunning features just glow. Luke wore a nice tan suit with a bright tie to match the look and feel of the day. Accompanied by all their nieces as their wedding party, the two had a sweet and simple ceremony in the garden, then after an awesome cocktail hour and tented party! They finished the night with fireworks on the beach to wrap up the perfect way to celebrate a marriage!

Photographed by Tanya Salazar with Alicia Swedenborg.


ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland000 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland001 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland002 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland003 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland004 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland005 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland006 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland007 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland008 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland009 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland010 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland011 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland012 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland013 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland014 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland015 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland016 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland017 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland018 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland019 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland020 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland021 ErinLuke_CraigPaulsonPhotography_LongIsland022

Melissa & Zachary’s Wedding at the Trump Soho

If you all remember Melissa & Zach’s fall feature in our best of engagements post, you’ll see why we we’re just so excited to capture their bubbly energy on their wedding day! David and Caleb arrived at the Trump Soho just in time for Melissa to finish up with makeup and put on her Pronovias dress, shoes and Tiffany jewelry. Meanwhile, Zach was getting ready with his gents and their cute frenchie (who also had his own suit, we love it!). They first saw each other down the aisle at the gorgeous Saint Bartholomew’s Church which also featured a chuppah to celebrate their jewish roots. After the ceremony everyone headed back to the Trump Soho for a cocktail hour featuring killer views of the city, then down into the ballroom for their party. The day couldn’t have happened as smoothly as it did without the planning expertise of Angie Nevarez from Baton NYC, gorgeous florals from Ariston Flowers, awesome music from 74 Events and video from the DaVinci Concept.

Photographed by David Filipponi with Caleb Miller.
MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography001 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography002 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography003 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography004 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography005 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography006 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography007 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography008 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography009 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography010 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography011 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography012 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography013 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography014 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography015 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography016 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography017 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography018 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography019 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography020 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography021 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography022 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography023 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography024 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography025 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography026 MelissaZach_TrumpSoho_CraigPaulsonPhotography027