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Another Side to a Wedding Photographer

Recently, we have been collaborating with a team of vendors who aim to showcase the latest dresses, flowers, invitations, makeup, and photography in awesome spaces around New York City! Here’s a peek at some of what we have done. Check out our Instagram (craigpaulsonphotography) each Wednesday for a new look and be sure to check out the latest magazines and blogs for even more.

Styling and Flowers by 5th Avenue Weddings & Events
Makeup and Hair by SB Beauty
Invitations by Ipanema Press and Arobesque Design Studio
Gowns by Karen Willis Holmes
Venues vary, pictured are New York Palace, Omni Berkshire Hotel, Little Italy, Nuage Designs, Rooftop at Union Square
Photos by Craig Paulson and Kim Espinosa


Editorial_CraigPaulsonPhotography_002 Editorial_CraigPaulsonPhotography_003 Editorial_CraigPaulsonPhotography_004 Editorial_CraigPaulsonPhotography_005 Editorial_CraigPaulsonPhotography_006 Editorial_CraigPaulsonPhotography_007 Editorial_CraigPaulsonPhotography_008 Editorial_CraigPaulsonPhotography_009 Editorial_CraigPaulsonPhotography_010

Lauren & Justin’s Wedding at The Park

Lauren & Justin had a lovely and beautifully planned wedding at The Park in November. Sarah True of True Events planned and coordinated the day to make sure everything went as smooth as possible-and she went above and beyond! They picked the Dream Downtown to get ready and see each other for the first time, couldn’t have been a better place for these two. We led Justin around the pool area and when Lauren was ready, he turned around to see his bride for the first time. After a sweet moment, the bridal party and family joined for photos outside while keeping warm and cozy just inside the bar area while waiting turns. Soon we headed to The Park where final details were being placed; Lauren went for a beautiful ombre blush theme to compliment the space’s warm and twinkly atmosphere. With the ceremony quickly approaching, we took some portraits before hiding when guests started trickling in. The ceremony was candid and sweet, officiated by Reverend Annie Lawrence. After, a fun cocktail hour transitioned smoothly into the fun evening of dinner, toasts and ultimately LOTS of dancing.

Photographed by Caleb Miller and Kim Espinosa.


LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_001 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_002 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_003 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_004 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_005 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_006 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_007 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_008 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_009 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_010 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_011 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_012 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_013 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_014 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_015 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_016 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_017 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_018 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_019 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_020 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_021 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_022 LaurenJustin_ThePark_CraigPaulsonPhoto_023

Pamela & Brian’s Fall wedding at Hamilton Farms Country Club

Pamela and Brian had such great weather and light for their fall wedding day-a photographer’s delight! Hamilton Farms Country Club was the perfect setting for them as they got ready and had their first look under a tree for a private moment between the two of them. Pamela looked stunning in her Vera Wang gown, as the two strolled around the grounds laughing and simply enjoying each other’s company. Their warm and bright ceremony was held outside the main club in the garden and right as sunset happened they were married! Cocktail hour began soon after and we snuck the two newlyweds away for some portraits after some family formals. Dinner and dancing followed well into the night and everyone had an amazing time! Music by Vali Entertainment, planning by Leave it to T, flowers by Crest Florist, video by Craig William Films, hair by Zoku Salon and looks by Makeup by Alexandra. 

Photographed by Craig Paulson with Caleb Miller. 


PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography002 PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography003 PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography004 PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography005 PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography006 PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography007 PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography008 PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography009 PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography010 PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography011 PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography012 PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography013 PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography014 PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography015 PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography016 PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography017 PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography018 PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography019 PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography020 PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography021 PamBrian_HamiltonFarms_CraigPaulsonPhotography022

Sara & Dan’s Wedding at the Pearl River Hilton

It seems the Pearl River Hilton knows how to throw a party-Sara and Dan’s being the second one this year that had some pretty epic energy! Dan and his gents chose to prep at the Pearl River before heading over to the church, while Sara chose her childhood home to prep with her ladies and family. Guests were arriving at the gorgeous St. John the Baptist church in Hillsdale, waiting for a glimpse of Sara coming down the aisle in her La Sposa dress. Dan’s facial expression was so sweet when he greeted her, being walked by her dad. After the ceremony and the two were officially wed, everyone headed back to Pearl River for an all night dance party kept alive by a) every guest’s energy (everyone was on the dance floor the whole night!) and b) Craig Scott Entertainment‘s genius way of involving the guests (think bongos for them to play). Sara and Dan were surrounded by everyone they loved and enjoyed their evening immensely. Flowers by Flower Elegance & planning extraordinaire Lulu Event Design kept the day running smoothly.

Photographed by Courtney Dudley with Kim Espinosa.


SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_001 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_002 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_003 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_004 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_005 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_006 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_007 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_008 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_009 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_010 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_011 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_012 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_013 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_014 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_015 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_016 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_017 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_018 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_019 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_020 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_021 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_022 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_023 SaraDan_PearlRiver_CraigPaulsonPhoto_024

Todd & Joe’s Wedding on the Hornblower Yacht

Todd and Joe celebrated their wedding in the best way ever: surrounded by their best friends and family on a yacht circling Manhattan. On board the Hornblower Hybrid, guests were welcomed with champagne before sitting down topside for a sunset ceremony. Todd and Joe arrived shortly before the ceremony after taking portraits around the meatpacking district and the High Line. Once they were officially married and the license signed it was time to party! The table was lovely, laid out with a custom charm or jewelry hand made by Todd himself! After sweet speeches, delicious food and cake cutting everyone hit the dance floor for the rest of the night celebrating Todd and Joe!

Photographed by Craig Paulson with Emily Kinsolving.


ToddJoe_Horneblower_CraigPaulsonPhoto_002 ToddJoe_Horneblower_CraigPaulsonPhoto_003ToddJoe_Horneblower_CraigPaulsonPhoto_004 ToddJoe_Horneblower_CraigPaulsonPhoto_005 ToddJoe_Horneblower_CraigPaulsonPhoto_006ToddJoe_Horneblower_CraigPaulsonPhoto_001
ToddJoe_Horneblower_CraigPaulsonPhoto_007 ToddJoe_Horneblower_CraigPaulsonPhoto_008 ToddJoe_Horneblower_CraigPaulsonPhoto_009 ToddJoe_Horneblower_CraigPaulsonPhoto_010 ToddJoe_Horneblower_CraigPaulsonPhoto_011 ToddJoe_Horneblower_CraigPaulsonPhoto_012 ToddJoe_Horneblower_CraigPaulsonPhoto_013 ToddJoe_Horneblower_CraigPaulsonPhoto_014 ToddJoe_Horneblower_CraigPaulsonPhoto_015 ToddJoe_Horneblower_CraigPaulsonPhoto_016 ToddJoe_Horneblower_CraigPaulsonPhoto_017 ToddJoe_Horneblower_CraigPaulsonPhoto_019 ToddJoe_Horneblower_CraigPaulsonPhoto_020