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Lauren & Kyle’s Wedding at the Mandarin Oriental

We couldn’t wait to share this one with you all, Lauren and Kyle were giddy and laughing the entire day and it made our job so much fun! With everything in one location, the stunning Mandarin Oriental, their day went by smoothly. Lauren prepped with her ladies while Kyle got ready at their apartment. They met in Central Park (where Kyle proposed to Lauren) for their first look and his expression when he turned around was priceless! Their bridal party awaited eagerly just down the path (with their best friend and officiant Vincent ever so kindly holding everyone’s jackets) before joining in the fun for pictures. The ceremony was sweet, touching on the lives of both Lauren and Kyle individually and as a couple, ending with a ceremonial wine glass for them to share as newlyweds! At the cocktail hour immediately following, Kyle’s dad serenaded them on the piano while everyone listened and cheered. The ballroom was turned into a stunning night time beauty complete with table markers signifying each place in the world these two travel bugs have been. We had so much fun capturing the dancing, listening to the hilarious and touching speeches, and witnessing an overall amazing party (these people know how to have a good time!).

Flowers by Floralies, Inc and Music by Hank Lane.

Photographed by Kim Espinosa and Caleb Miller with Lorraine Ciccarelli.


LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_001LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_002 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_003 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_004 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_005 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_006 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_007 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_008 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_009 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_010 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_011 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_012 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_013 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_014 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_015 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_016 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_017 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_018 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_019 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_020 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_021 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_022 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_023 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_024 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_025 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_026 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_027 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_028 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_029 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_030 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_031 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_032 LaurenKyle_MandarinOriental_CraigPaulsonPhoto_033

New York Weddings Show 2015

We had so much fun at the New York Magazine Bridal show and met so many fabulous vendors and brides! Thanks to all who came out and had a chat with us. Pictured is Meena Lee of 5th Avenue Weddings, Diana Carvalho of The Street Fox representing Karen Willis Holmes and us truly, Craig and Kim! We have been collaborating together for Wedding Wednesdays (if you don’t follow it, check it out here on Instagram!) Here are some images we shot of the event:


Weddingshow2015_001Weddingshow2015_002 Weddingshow2015_003 Weddingshow2015_004 Weddingshow2015_005 Weddingshow2015_006 Weddingshow2015_007 Weddingshow2015_008

Julie & Lee’s Wedding at Pleasantdale Chateau

It was a wonderful evening for everyone who congratulated Julie and Lee’s wedding at Pleasantdale Chateau. Julie and Lee both got ready with their family and friends at the chateau. After prepping, they saw each other for the first time in the atrium by the swimming pool. The couple loved having their wedding photos taken at gorgeous places in and outside the Chateau. Bridal party and family also joined them shortly after for more pictures. After a fun Tish and Bedeken, Lee was brought to his bride to sign the ketubah and move straight into a sweet ceremony. While it rained outside when the two were taking photos before the dance party, Julie and Lee enjoyed themselves with umbrellas in hand and the rain made the night more special. Julie and Lee’s parents looked so happy during Mezinka at the end of the night. With lots of toasts and delicious food, it was a memorable day for the couple and everyone invited.

Makeup and Hair by Expert Makeup Artistry
Flowers by Crest Florist
Music by Hank Lane

Photographed by Craig Paulson with Kim Espinosa.

JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_001 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_002 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_003 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_004 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_005 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_006 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_007 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_008 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_009 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_010 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_011 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_012 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_013 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_014 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_015 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_016 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_017 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_018 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_019 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_020 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_021 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_022 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_023 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_024 JulieLee_PlChateau_CraigPaulsonPhoto_025


Emily & Matthew’s Wedding at Tribeca Rooftop

Emily and Matthew had such a beautiful wedding in January at St.Francis Church. Emily chose to prep at her parents’ home with her family and ladies while Matthew got ready at The Conrad with his gents. The couple did not see each other until the actual ceremony! After prepping, Emily and Matthew headed over to the church where everyone was waiting. Matthew looked so happy when he saw Emily for the first time. Sarah (Bridesmaid) performed a solo during the ceremony to congratulate the newlyweds. Soon after the ceremony, the couple hopped on the party bus with all their family and friends. After taking lots of photos, everyone headed to the Tribeca Rooftop. The rain outside couldn’t stop the happy couple and people from smiling. With umbrellas in hand, we took some of the most romantic photos of the night! Everyone enjoyed the party with amazing food, toasts, and dancing. Music by Creations Band, flowers by Laura Clare, hair by Le Grand Salon, makeup by Alexandra Gregorek, and gown by Lela Rose.

Photographed by Courtney Dudley with Caleb Miller.

EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_001 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_002 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_003 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_004 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_005 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_006 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_007 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_008 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_009 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_010 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_011 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_012 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_013 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_014 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_015 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_016 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_017 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_018 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_019 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_020 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_021 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_022 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_023 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_024 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_025 EmilyMatt_StFrancis_CraigPaulsonPhoto_026

Lauren & Evan’s Wedding at The Village Club

With blessings from all the family and friends present at their wedding, Lauren & Evan had a lovely evening at The Village Club of Lake Success in Long Island. Both the bride and the groom got ready at The Inn at Great Neck without seeing each other. After prepping, they both saw each other for the first time walking along the golf course at the club. Soon after the couple’s sweet photo shoots on the golf course, friends and family joined together for more photos. Everyone happily watched and congratulated as the couple signed the Ketubah shortly after. Their candlelit ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt as the two officially tied the knot. Later in the evening The Original Faze 4 Band provided great music for the night and everyone had a great time with lots of delicious food and dancing.

Flowers by United Floral.

Photographed by Craig Paulson with Kim Espinosa.


LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_001 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_002 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_003 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_004 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_005 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_006 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_007 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_008 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_009 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_010 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_011 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_012 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_013 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_014 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_015 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_016 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_017 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_018 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_019 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_020 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_021 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_022 LaurenEvan_TheVillageClub_CraigPaulsonPhoto_023