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Katie and Paul’s Wedding at Ram’s Head Inn

We couldn’t have been more excited for this wedding back in June. With such a great team of vendors behind Katie & Paul the whole day went swimmingly! This was largely due to Leslie Price of In Any Event who kept everything in line and running smooth. Not to mention her decor was incredibly beautiful! Both Katie and Paul chose to get ready at their home just down the street from The Rams Head Inn on Shelter Island with their family and bridal party all gathered for hair, makeup and photos! Katie’s stunning dress made by Jenny Packham hung in the window, ready for her to put on. We went around to the back garden for the first look with some portraits right after. The bridal party and family joined us soon after for more pictures before hopping on a school bus headed to the inn! Guests were greeted with champagne and umbrellas as they walked down the hill to the waterfront for the gorgeous sun filled ceremony. Cocktail hour followed, with dinner, toasts and dancing that carried on through the night! At the end of the evening, a traveling pizza oven food truck parked out front and served everyone custom made, wood fired pizzas that were quite delicious, especially when topped with Katie’s homemade and bottled hot sauce! The night ended with lots of dancing and sparklers as they celebrated Katie & Paul.

Photographed by Craig Paulson with Kim Espinosa.


KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn001 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn002 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn003 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn004 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn005 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn006 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn007 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn008 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn009 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn010 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn011 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn012 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn013 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn014 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn015 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn016 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn017 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn018 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn019KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn028 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn020 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn021 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn022katie_paul_0080 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn023

katie_paul_0083 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn024 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn025 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn026 KatiePaul_CraigPaulsonPhotography_RamsHeadIn027

Amanda and Richard’s Wedding at Doubles

Amanda and Richard’s wedding was so unique and exciting to shoot! The ceremony was held on the rooftop of Amanda and Richard’s  apartment in Greenwich Village. Amanda left her guests speechless in her jaw dropping hot pink wedding dress. Following the ceremony, Amanda and her friends headed downstairs to touch up their hair and makeup before rejoining their guests. Once everyone was ready, all of the guests boarded a double decker sight seeing tour bus and drove around the city before arriving at Doubles Club. The 1920s swing band that was there gave the party a great energy and got everyone dancing. A member of the band even broke out his tap shoes and gave all the guests a great show. Towards the end of the night an Elvis impersonator made an appearance and everyone danced the night away. Such a unique and fun filled night to celebrate a marriage!

Photographed by Courtney Dudley


Amanda_Richard_Blog-02 Amanda_Richard_Blog-03 Amanda_Richard_Blog-04 Amanda_Richard_Blog-05 Amanda_Richard_Blog-06 Amanda_Richard_Blog-07 Amanda_Richard_Blog-08 Amanda_Richard_Blog-09 Amanda_Richard_Blog-10 Amanda_Richard_Blog-11 Amanda_Richard_Blog-12 Amanda_Richard_Blog-13 Amanda_Richard_Blog-14 Amanda_Richard_Blog-15 Amanda_Richard_Blog-16 Amanda_Richard_Blog-17 Amanda_Richard_Blog-18 Amanda_Richard_Blog-19 Amanda_Richard_Blog-20 Amanda_Richard_Blog-21 Amanda_Richard_Blog-23 Amanda_Richard_Blog-24 Amanda_Richard_Blog-25 Amanda_Richard_Blog-26 Amanda_Richard_Blog-27 Amanda_Richard_Blog-28 Amanda_Richard_Blog-29

Feature in Westchester Weddings!

Happy Wedding Wednesday everyone! Lately we’ve been teaming up with an awesome group of creatives each month and creating looks for brides to gain inspiration from. This has become so popular that Westchester Weddings ran a little story about it. Meena Lee-DePasquale puts together the looks with flowers and amazing dresses by Karen Willis Holmes, makeup and hair by Sharon Becker, invitations by Ipanema Press and photos by yours truly, Craig Paulson!

Read more about it here to see more photos and keep your eyes peeled for more inspiration coming every week on our Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook!

Westchester Weddings-Rooftop Shoot Inspiration


Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 11.03.08 AM


Chess & Peter’s Wedding at the Foundry

We are in love with Chess & Peter’s wedding day. We were so pumped to be working with them, their energy levels and cuteness were off the charts! The entire day was just about their relationship and being surrounded by all their favorite people. You can’t help but to smile right alongside them! Chess & Peter chose the Ravel Hotel right next door as the spot to prep for their big day. Chessia chose very springy flowers and  succulents from xylem + Phloem to match her pale pinks and greens theme. She put on her gown with help from her mom and bridesmaids, all wearing dresses of their choice. Even the giggling flower girls helped too, in their ballerina attire. Peter got ready in the room right above with his men, toasting and having a good time. Once they were both ready, we took Peter up to the rooftop terrace for the first look. They had a sweet moment together and practiced their first dance before heading downstairs to gather everyone. We hopped over to The Foundry greenhouse for family formals, bridal party and then onto the Gantry Plaza Park for some pretty epic couple portraits. All of the guests had arrived back at the Foundry so we ushered Chessia up to the mezzanine level to wait with her dad before walking down the aisle for a very touching ceremony, some wiping their eyes. After that it was a fun party lasting well into the night including lots of dancing, toasts, really delicious food served by Real Food Catering and amazing tunes by the Les Loups DJ who kept everyone on the dance floor until the very end of the night! Once they walked through their sparkler exit, Chess & Peter led their party back to the Ravel Hotel rooftop for an after party to cap their day. Everything would not have been possible without the planning expertise of Jose Rolon events and day of coordination from Viva Max events!

Photographed by Craig Paulson with Kim Espinosa.


Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_001 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_002 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_003 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_004 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_005 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_006 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_007 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_008 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_009 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_010 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_011 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_012 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_013 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_014 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_015 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_016 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_017 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_018 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_019 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_020 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_021 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_022 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_023 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_024 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_025 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_026 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_027 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_028 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_029 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_030 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_031 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_032 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_033 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_034 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_035 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_036 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_037 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_038 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_039 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_040 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_041 Foundry_Chess&Peter_CraigPaulsonPhotography_042

Debbie and Marty’s Wedding at The Loeb Central Park Boathouse

Debbie and Marty’s wedding was a spectacular one and it would not have been possible without the amazing skills of Danielle Bobish of Curtain Up Events. Debbie and her bridal party got ready at New York Marriott East Side while Marty and his groomsmen put their suits on at home. After hair and makeup was done, the girls helped Debbie into her the beautiful dress by Rivini, which looked stunning on the glowing bride. The two saw each other for the first time at the ceremony, which took place at Marble Collegiate Church. Once the couple said their “I Do’s”, they walked happily down the aisle with a personalized carpet under their feet – a unique touch. We shot some quick wedding party photos, and then whisked the newlyweds off to Grand Central and the surrounding areas for a fun photo shoot. Debbie and Marty then made their way to The Loeb Central Park Boathouse to meet their guests for food, music and dancing. The elegant flower arrangements were by Lenox Hill Florist and the guests enjoyed music by DJ Gatsby.

Photographed by Craig Paulson with Kim Espinosa.



debbie_marty_0001 debbie_marty_0002 debbie_marty_0003 debbie_marty_0004 debbie_marty_0005 debbie_marty_0006 debbie_marty_0007 debbie_marty_0008 debbie_marty_0009 debbie_marty_0010 debbie_marty_0011 debbie_marty_0012 debbie_marty_0013 debbie_marty_0014 debbie_marty_0015 debbie_marty_0016 debbie_marty_0017 debbie_marty_0018 debbie_marty_0019 debbie_marty_0020 debbie_marty_0021 debbie_marty_0022 debbie_marty_0023 debbie_marty_0024 debbie_marty_0025 debbie_marty_0026 debbie_marty_0027 debbie_marty_0028 debbie_marty_0029 debbie_marty_0030 debbie_marty_0031 debbie_marty_0032 debbie_marty_0033 debbie_marty_0034