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Maeve & Alex’s Wedding at the New York Athletic Club

Maeve’s style is beyond gorgeous and with the help of none other than Lauren O’Shaugnessy at Bellafare, her and Alex’s wedding was just jaw dropping. Maeve prepped with her ladies at the New York Athletic Club, which would host their party later on. With help of Annie Cheong for makeup and Face Time Beauty for hair, Maeve donned her Tara LaTour gown before heading out to the church. Alex and the gents got ready at the Ritz Carlton, dressed in grey suits with purple accents. St. Francis Xavier was stunning as usual for their ceremony. Shortly after, the bridal party and family joined the newlyweds in Central Park for some beautiful portraits-the sunlight hit everyone just right in the way that delights us photographers! Back at the club, Hank Lane set up the evening for a great time of drinks, dinner and dancing celebrating Maeve and Alex.

Photographed by Courtney Dudley with Alicia Swedenborg.

MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_001. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_002. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_003. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_004. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_005. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_006. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_007. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_008. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_009. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_010. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_011. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_012. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_013. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_014. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_015. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_016. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_017. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_018. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_019. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_020. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_021. MaeveAlex_FrancisXavier_CraigPaulsonPhoto_022.

Allie & Dan’s summer wedding at the New York Botanical Gardens

Allie and Dan really lucked out on the weather for their big day! With an impending storm on the doorstep up at the Botanical Gardens, it kept the skies pretty epic for pictures and the temperature pretty cool. Not to mention these two are cool! Their love and energy for each other just made us smile the whole day. When Dan saw her for the first time in the rose garden, we couldn’t help but get a little teary as well. They both got ready at the Ritz Carlton Westchester before heading to the New York Botanical Gardens for pictures and ketubah signing. The ceremony was held in the lovely garden terrace room set up with flowers by Arcadia Floral lining the aisle. Guests headed directly to the cocktail hour to visit with friends and family before heading back into the terrace room for a night of amazing dancing, eating and celebrating the newlyweds! Allie & Dan were truly thankful for the best night of their lives. Planning and coordination by Paisley Events, videography by Salzman Ashley PhotographyHeartbeat Dance Band kept the party going all night, gown by Monique Lhuillier, makeup by Jessica Chavarro and hair by Jay Hairstylist.

Photographed by Courtney Dudley with Kim Espinosa.

AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_001 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_002 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_003 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_004 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_005 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_006 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_007 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_008 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_009 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_010 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_011 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_012 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_013 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_014 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_015 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_016 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_017 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_018 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_019AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_020 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_025 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_023 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_022AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_021AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_024 AllieDan_NYBotanicalGardens_026

Andrea & Matthew’s Wedding at Glen Island Harbour Club

Andrea & Matthew had such a fun wedding at Glen Island Harbour Club. The entire wedding party prepped at the Renaissance Westchester, Andrea and her ladies getting hair and makeup done by La Voila Beauty while sipping on champagne while Matthew and his gents enjoyed brews before heading to the first look. Matthew tapped Andrea on the shoulder to see her for the first time in her stunning Mark Zunino gown. Shortly after we took formals and bridal party pictures, followed by the ketubah signing and tented ceremony officiated by Rabbi Janet Roberts. Their reception was decorated with an amazing array of twinkling lights with the water as a backdrop right outside. The newlyweds danced their way into the night for such a fun party kept going by none other than Hank Lane. Flowers by Arcadia Florists.

Photographed by David Filipponi with Caleb Miller.

AndreaMatthew_GlenIsland_CraigPaulsonPhoto_001 AndreaMatthew_GlenIsland_CraigPaulsonPhoto_002andrea_matt_0020 AndreaMatthew_GlenIsland_CraigPaulsonPhoto_003andrea_matt_0029 AndreaMatthew_GlenIsland_CraigPaulsonPhoto_004andrea_matt_0037 AndreaMatthew_GlenIsland_CraigPaulsonPhoto_006AndreaMatthew_GlenIsland_CraigPaulsonPhoto_005 AndreaMatthew_GlenIsland_CraigPaulsonPhoto_007 AndreaMatthew_GlenIsland_CraigPaulsonPhoto_008 AndreaMatthew_GlenIsland_CraigPaulsonPhoto_009 AndreaMatthew_GlenIsland_CraigPaulsonPhoto_010 AndreaMatthew_GlenIsland_CraigPaulsonPhoto_011 AndreaMatthew_GlenIsland_CraigPaulsonPhoto_012andrea_matt_0075 AndreaMatthew_GlenIsland_CraigPaulsonPhoto_013

Nicole & Sameer’s Wedding at the Soho Grand

Nicole and Sameer had a lovely day back in September for their wedding at the Soho Grand. Nicole prepped at her apartment while Sameer and his gents got a hotel room. Nicole chose a beautiful and unique dress from J. Mendel, fitting her and the day perfectly! Her accessories were an antique Tiffany bracelet that her great grandmother had worn and a garter belt her mom had kept for her since before she was born. The ring pillow was embroidered by her youngest sister. We love those touching details! She also had special champagne classes engraved for Sameer as a surprise gift-he loved them! After a sweet ceremony at St. James the couple and their bridal party and family went into Central Park for some photos, then on down to the Flatiron district and ending up in Soho for their big party! The night was complete dinner catered by the Soho Grand and much dancing fueled by the tunes of OP Miller.

Photographed by Craig Paulson with Caleb Miller.


NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_001. NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_002. NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_003. NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_004. NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_005. NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_006. NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_007. NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_008. NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_009. NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_010. NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_011. NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_012. NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_013. NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_014. NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_015. NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_016. NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_017. NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_018. NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_019. NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_020. NicoleSameer_St.Paul_CraigPaulsonPhoto_021.

Elizabeth and John’s Wedding at the Brookwood Gardens

Elizabeth and John had such an elegant wedding at the end of the summer, perfect timing for cooler weather and bright green colors. We traveled out to Cooperstown, NY to start the day with the two. Liz and John both got ready at the gorgeous Otesaga Hotel right down the street from their venue, Liz prepping with her ladies and John hanging out with the gents. Liz chose a beautiful Badgley Mischka dress for the ceremony and most of the evening, followed by a shorter Jill Stuart dress for dancing and party time. John and his men were wearing matching custom suits with embroidery and a beautiful silk designs on the inside. John’s father even made them all custom socks, a tradition and hobby of his! Once they were ready to see each other we took them outside the veranda for the first look, followed by portraits and family photos against the lake. As guests were arriving at Brookwood Gardens, the entire wedding party boarded a trolley and rode over for a sweet ceremony. Both of their grandmothers were the flower girls and such wonderful energy and happiness followed as they said their vows! Cocktail hour was held down in the garden before the guests were ushered into the tent for the party with dinner, dancing toasts and not to mention the amazing desert and ice cream bar featuring Ommegang Ice Cream, as the brewery is located in Cooperstown! Event planning by Christine Wheat, music by Around Town Entertainment, flowers and design by Renaissance Floral Design, catering by LM Townsend, officiant and ceremony by Elise Rhodes, hair and makeup by Katilin Bray and Jacqueline Nanci at Strut Spalontique.

Photographed by Craig Paulson with Kim Espinosa.


LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens001 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens002 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens003

liz_john_0015 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens004 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens005 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens006 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens007 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens008 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens009

liz_john_0038liz_john_0042 liz_john_0046 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens010 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens011 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens012 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens013 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens014 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens015

liz_john_0064 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens016 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens017 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens018 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens019 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens020 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens021 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens022 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens023 LizJohn_CraigPaulsonPhotography_BrookwoodGardens024