Before Booking

Can you meet on the weekends? We are always out shooting events on the weekends! While the answer is no, we do however stay late in the weekdays to accommodate your work schedules! We understand that everyone in New York is busy!

Do we get the printable high resolution digital files? -Absolutely, we give you the full set of beautifully color corrected files free of watermark that come with a print rights release form. You also receive a second identical set of low-resolution files perfectly resized for social media.

Do you work with any specific videographers? Yes there are 2 teams that we work with who are equally as talented as each other. We can just add them into any package. Video page

Craig William Films offers beautiful and unobtrusive cinematic wedding videography in New York City and destinations worldwide. With over 12 years of professional award winning film making and videography experience, Craig and his skilled team produce elegant cinematic wedding videos all over the world.

Keith Brady Media offers breathtaking videos not only on the ground but overhead as well with the use of a drone that really adds another dimension to the final video.

Magic Flute Video We are documentarians inspired by simple gestures, thoughtful details, and epic landscapes. We love wild nature, textured backgrounds, and diffused sunsets. We have won a number of international documentary film awards.

Do you have liability insurance? -Coverage up to $2 million!

Color vs B/W? -We edit about 25% of your photos into B&W-usually they are timeless moments that catch our eye as perfect B&W candidates! Once you’re ready for prints or the album, it can always be switched back to color.  

Raw vs Jpegs? -What we deliver are high-resolution JPGS - these are edited images from the RAW file (the digital negative) that are readable by any computer or device.

Do I get those RAW files? -We do not give out RAW files. We edit our photos to meet our top of the line standards for beauty, but they never look unnatural or dated with tons of filters. Every image is carefully crafted to be the best it can be and show the day how it really looked. We want you to pull the photos out in 20 years and they still look current and beautiful.  

Will I meet the photographer who will shoot my wedding? -Yes, of course! This is so important. You’ll be spending your day with them and you want to make sure you all get along. Click here to view all the photographers' portfolios.  

Is travel included and what about traveling from the ceremony to the reception? -If everything is within a 30 mile radius of Manhattan, then you’re covered! After that it’s a $1 per mile. Pretty easy! Travel across country or internationally is billed seperately.

What your philosophy regarding photography? Our personal vision at any event we cover is to make you feel like we're just a part of the room. The best compliment we get all the time is “were you even there? I didn't see you!” Of course there are certain times we have to step in and direct, for example family formals, but even during couple portraits we often tell you do so something generally and capture the entire process even after you think we're done shooting. These photos should show your very best selves!

What is your photography style? -Mostly candid, but we do those formal shots as well!

Do you offer discounts for off season or non weekend weddings? We would be happy to chatting more in depth with you about off season or mid-day pricing, give us a call!

How far in advance do I need to book with you? We always encourage meeting with your photographer of choice as soon as you can - we're often booked up 6 months to a year in advance!

Does is matter if we haven't shot at my venue? Absolutely not. We pride ourselves on the ability to immediately see spots that are great for photos, that's what makes us photojournalists. We can walk into a room and quickly asses it for the ideal place and lighting for the photos and reacting quickly on our feet. Each venue also looks completely different from event to event based on the design and set up, time of year, weather and even time of day so it will look unique to your day no matter what!


Will you be shooting anything else on the day of the event? -No never, each photographer is only booked for one event per day

What is a family shot list? I found a “must get shot list” online can I use this? Your family shot list is one that you type up for us based on the specific groupings you'd like us to capture during that set aside time. Typical “must get lists” include shots that we always get anyway! However, you may have some details that are unique to you, so this is where you can make you have those listed down for us.  

What equipment do you use? -We all shoot top of the line Canon bodies and lenses, plus backups so we never worry if something malfunctions! We also use all Adobe software to process your photos so they are the best they can be!

Can you stay longer at the weddings? -We can always stay longer past your contracted time. We’ll always ask and clear the rate with you, it differs based on photographer. Some people even add this on initially!

How many people come to shoot my wedding? -You choose your main shooter and we provide the second photographer from a group of amazing individuals who are gearing up to be main shooters with us! There are always two people covering your event from different angles.  

Do you shoot table shots? -We shoot primarily in a candid format. Table shots mean we would have to go from table to table, remove the centerpiece, ask half the table to get up and go around to pose, take the photo, return the centerpiece. This means about 10 minutes per table is spent taking these shots, which quickly adds up to an hour or more. Your photographer could be taking great candids during this time! We'll of course take any group shots that guests request on the spot.  

Do you provide partial day shooting? We can always tailor a package to suit your needs!

What information do you need from me before the wedding day? Before we even come shoot your wedding, we all sit down in the studio for a one on one meeting to discuss your timeline one month out. Before that, our studio manager will send you a questionnaire to fill out regarding all these details we need to know in order to make that timeline! That way we're completely ready on the day of and don't have to ask you any questions beyond “are you excited?”.

Do you guys have recommended vendors for other things like flowers, makeup & hair, etc? Yes, we certainly do! One big advantage of booking with a studio is you get all the years of experience behind you and a vast network of vendors we know and love and more importantly, have worked with before. That way you get a superstar team!

What happens if my photographer is sick? We shoot through sickness, tornadoes, hurricanes, the list goes on. We'd have to be tied down in a hospital to not shoot-in that case (which has never happened!) we would send someone else through the studio that way you can be sure you always have a photographer! Another huge advantage to booking with a studio collective of photographers. 


What happens if a camera goes down? Our photographers have backups of everything, so no sweat! They just go pick up their second body.  

Handling the light- We never bring big lights on stands, that interferes with not only how you set the room up to look, but also with guests' experience at your wedding. We keep all flash, if needed, on our camera bodies and only use it when necessary. Window and natural light is our best friend!

What do you wear to a wedding? Another big important aspect of the studio is we always come dressed in nice, black attire so we blend in. You've hired professionals and we dress as such. 

After the wedding

Where can I leave amazing reviews?  We love positive reviews, you can click here if you want to leave one, and thanks.

Why don't I own the copyright? The United States Copyright Laws state that the owner (in this case photographer) is the creator of the piece of work (photos) While we hold the original copyright, we always grant you the option of keeping your wedding private. You also get a paper stating that you have official rights to print the high resolution versions of the photos if you wish to use them personally around the home or as gifts.

What if I want total privacy with my pics? Our standard contract allows the studio to use your pics on our own website as well as submitting for publication in magazines. We have shot many high end and celebrity weddings who request that we do not use the pics at all, this is no problem, we will add this to the contract. This means we will not share it on the web or in any advertising.

How long does it take to see my pictures? About a month after your wedding, just as you're returning from the honeymoon we'll send a custom app to you via email that contains the Top 100 images from your day. These are all handpicked by your photographer who knows the important players best! After you've saved the app slideshow to your device, we get it printed as a brag book. This takes about 3-4 weeks to arrive back in our studio and in that time, we are hard at work processing the rest of your images. You'll receive everything in your package (aside from the album) once we call you after about 8-10 weeks! 

How do I start an album? If you got an album in your package, take some time to get familiar with all your images and chose some favorites. Once you're ready, you can come back to the studio and meet with Pippa & Lexi from The Album Room, our sister company who custom design all our albums! If you didn't get an album-no worries! You can always add one at any time. 

How do my guests see the photos? What happens if I want them private? If you want to send out your gallery to everyone we have two options for you. One is we bring our iPad set up with a photo and digital form for them to come by at any time during the evening and put their email in. This will automatically send them the gallery once it's live! The other option is you can send it out yourself if you would like to hand select those who get to see the gallery. We can always privately list your gallery and/or password protect it if you wish to keep your day private. We do this all the time!

How do I submit my images to social media or wedding blogs? We love to blog your wedding! This gives us great exposure and also a big source of inspiration for other brides! Sometimes we may use it in an ad or social media campaign (but not if you choose to keep them private). If you think your wedding would be good for national blogs like “Style Me Pretty” or “The Knot” that's great! We can help you with the submission and choose images we know they love. 

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