Battery Gardens

Located at the southern tip of Manhattan with ready access to the harbor and the Hudson River, Battery Gardens is where the history of New York City began. For more than 200 years, The Battery has been an invaluable part of New York City’s history. In 1855, Castle Garden, situated inside the Park, became the world’s first immigrant depot. Decades before Ellis Island was built or the Statue of Liberty gazed down at incoming boats, millions of newcomers arrived at The Battery from Europe and elsewhere. 

Although its role has changed, people from around the world still visit The Battery for a view of the city's past. Ferries dock at its shore to pick up visitors to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and all summer long concerts play on its grounds. 

Its beautiful waterfront and flower gardens make The Battery a lovely place to wander. For those who'd like a longer stroll, the park’s location at the southern tip of Manhattan makes it a classic starting point for walking tours through the city.

This is a fabulous location if you want to be by the water but still be in Manhattan. Right on Battery Park with easy access to the city and stunning views across the water to New Jersey and the Statue of Liberty.

The park photographs extremely well, utilizing water views and cityscapes with the turn of your head, it even has a spacey underwater themed carousel. Not only Battery Garden's surroundings impress – from intimate to extravagant, Battery Garden's elegant and bright premises offer everything you look for on your special day.

Watch the slide show for an amazing storm picture – you wont be disappointed.