Here at Craig Paulson Studio, we strive to tell a story, not just take beautiful photos. While you may hear this a lot in the industry, Craig has been around for 19 years and counting as a leading photographer in New York and started incorporating this philosophy long before it was popularized! Shortly after the towers fell in 2001, he wanted to do something more meaningful for people and personal to them. So he started the studio and it quickly grew to include many talented photographers, all skilled and experienced in weddings and events. He is currently surrounded by a team of highly trained photojournalists who all hold degrees in the field, so you're sure to find exceptional talent in the studio!

If you come by and visit our studio, we love to show you not just the photos but everything in the experience. It's much more than a photographer you're booking - we come as dress menders, we can calm a meltdown very easily but also direct a rowdy bunch of groomsmen into place if need be!  We have a studio manager on hand during the week to help facilitate your timeline, permits, payments, etc; she answers any and all questions!  After you book we love to continue the relationship and give vendor recommendations, even come along if you want to your dress fitting!  When you've gotten all your photos and want an album, look no further than that other side of the studio to Pippa (Craig's wife) who runs our sister company, The Album Room. They do all custom books and are the sole distributor of Jorgensen Albums here in the US! So you're still in the family when it's album time. 

The overall experience here is always awesome, people leave feeling like they hired a new member of their close knit friends and always love spending their big day with our photographers!  We love getting those messages from past clients when they've had children-and of course we're ready to keep capturing your growing family! 

If you'd like to read some reviews clients have left us, check them out here. We'd love to meet you, make you a coffee and begin the conversation! 

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