Hudson Valley

Imagine stumbling onto the beauty of the Hudson Valley by accident. When Henry Hudson sailed on a ship called the Half Moon upriver in 1609, he was looking for a quick passage to China as he sailed along America's north Atlantic coast.

He was one to shape the history of the Hudson Valley and the United States next to presidents, inventors, industrialists, artists and authors. Nowadays, more than four centuries of rich history continue to live in meaningful sites, museums and fabulous estates.

In comparison to New York City, the Hudson Valley took on another image early on. In the 1800's until the early 1900's, many city people headed up north to experience the therapeutic ability they believed it to hold. The Hudson valley was considered a heath retreat: the mountains and forests, fresh air were to offer the perfect conditions for good health and that within proximity to the city. The shifting belief in a more healthy lifestyle and being closer to nature makes the Hudson Valley until today very popular for outdoor activities, swimming, fishing, etc but also peace and quiet.

When Craig is not shooting weddings, he also loves to retreat with his family upstate at his yurt; chopping wood, smoking brisket and enjoying nature.

Fun Fact: Craig and Pippa got married in the Hudson Valley themselves - 18 years ago by the river in Rhinebeck. You might still find their wedding feature in Martha Stewart Wedding archives!!