Today, Manhattan is the most recognizable location of the United States of America and is also the place where New York was born.

Going back in history, Manhattan first belonged to native Americans until the Dutch purchased the land from the Lenape American tribe for apparently $24. The city was then officially founded as New Amsterdam in 1625.

The Dutch ruled until 1664, when they lost the final battle with the English.

The city was renamed New York County in honor of the Duke of York. As time passed, the city became more and more important for trade and therefore grew very fast economically and in its population.

Nowadays, the island is the heart of New York City and a symbol of the USA. Its name, spoken by the earliest inhabitants, means ''hilly island'' or ''place of intoxication''.

Manhattan not only combines the rich history of the Native Americans, Dutch, and English, but is mostly a home for those who have their origins in many different nations.

Manhattan's diversity, the unforgettable skyline, bright lights everywhere, the NY hustle and bustle are only a few factors why having your wedding here feels like a dream come true.

With the great amount of event spaces and vendors to choose from - Manhattan is the place to have a wedding to remember.