Around the home: Photo Display

With Pinterest giving us an infinite amount of ideas on how to display photos and decorate your home, the time has never been better to get your creative juices flowing!

Most of our newlyweds walk away with over 1000 photos, edited and ready to be used! While many of our couples end up getting an album designed (thanks to The Album Room!) you may be left wondering what to do with the rest of them! You have them all digitally, how do you remember that one special day together and more importantly how to you even chose just one?!  If you have your high resolution files (you always do with us!) you can take it to ours or any lab of your choice to make prints.  Here are a few pins that we absolutely love the idea and a few of our own awesome clients’ ways of incorporating their wedding photos into their home.

We love a good collage: here are two examples (if you look hard enough you’ll see one of Craig’s photos in there!) of a really well done black and white wall from one of our 2014 brides