Elisabeth & Dan's Wedding at New York Athletic Club

Sometimes a couple comes around who just want to let loose and celebrate their wedding in a fun and whimsical manner. Elisabeth and Dan did just that-with sunglasses provided for each guest, Disney themed place cards, a trolley ride from the church to the club and a great music selection! Despite the tornado warning that day, Elisabeth and Dan embraced the weather, enjoyed their party with family and friends and had a blast! That in the end is the most important part-enjoying that reception you worked so hard on to plan. With the photos below, we think you’ll agree. Flowers by Ariston Flowers, catering/reception done by the New York Athletic Club, dress by Birnbaum and Bullock, ceremony held at St. Peter’s Church in Chelsea and music by 74 Events.


Photographed by Courtney Dudley and Nicole Cordier.