The first day of gay weddings in New York

Yesterday was a grand day in New York.  It was the first day that same sex weddings were allowed in New York State and even though it was a Sunday, the courts were open and ready to process the marriage licenses of all the couples who had waited years, and in some cases decades, to be legally wed.  We knew this would be a big celebration so we set up a backdrop and grabbed happy couples for pictures as they left the courthouse.  And boy was love in the air!  As the couples left the courthouse, a crowd greeted them with cheers, musicians were on hand to play the wedding march and complete strangers threw confetti.  It was such an overwhelmingly positive experience that what was going to be a couple of hours and a handful of photos turned in to half a day and 750 frames.  Below are a handful of our favorites from Craig, Jean and Jordan.

We want to thank all the couples who took time away from their day to pose for us.  It was such a joy to hear people’s stories, whether they were gay or straight, getting married that day or celebrating their one year anniversary.  Thank you also to the State of New York for making a day like yesterday possible.