Weather on your Wedding Day

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday so far, despite the drizzle of the rain this morning! Sometimes we get calls from couples worried about what to do about certain weather forecasted for their day-be it rain, sleet, snow or super hot sun! While we cannot control the elements, we always work with them. You’d be pleasantly surprised to know that sunny weather isn’t always our favorite condition. Rain, for example, can make a photo pretty epic. It’s a great time to get cozy under that umbrella with your favorite person and forget about the rest of the world for a moment. We always have our gear protected and a smile on our face. So here are a few examples of how we’ve worked with a lot of the elements and lighting conditions with amazing candid images as a result!

Afraid of rain? Worry not!

Rain can also result in some pretty awesome dew and mist:

If you really don’t want to go outside, a big window is always gorgeous:

Or a quick run out onto a balcony! This one below was shot during a tornado watch:

We caught the groom cooling down:

Wind & veils are always a blast:

Snow is just magical, it’s worth sneaking outside for 10 minutes!

If it’s really bright, we’ll use the sunlight as a backlight or just move you into some shade:

A chilly day is a great opportunity to bust out that one amazing coat you’ve always wanted to capture:

Lastly, night time is never a problem, there is ambient light everywhere: