Lauren and Jose’s Long Island Wedding

Although a wedding purports to be about the union of a couple, in a lot of ways it’s also about the union of their families, for better or for worse.  As intimidating as that can be, it often works out really well, and in the case of Lauren and Jose their families seemed to want to do whatever they could to make the whole day a wonderful experience for everyone.  Jose’s family speaks Spanish so when Lauren’s father gave his welcoming speech, he did it in both English and Spanish.  There were so many other wonderful details as well, like the note that Jose had hand-embroidered on the hem of Lauren’s dress, the fact that one of Jose’s friends was the singer in the band and of course the bubbles as Lauren and Jose walked out of the church (note to anyone planning a wedding: bubbles make a great send-off visually.  We love bubbles!  And sparklers!).  What really made this day magical was the portraits which were taken at one of those beautiful old Golden Age mansions North-West of the city and they timed their arrival perfectly with the best light of the day.  Stunning light, gorgeous couple, playful bridal party and beautiful location – you really can’t go wrong.

Photographed by Craig Paulson with Courtney Dudley