The First Look

One of the best questions we receive from couples planning their timeline is that of the first look. Some people want to keep is classic, seeing each other from down the aisle. Others want to see each other in private beforehand, thus getting all the photos done before the ceremony even begins! Either way is sweet and emotional and completely unique to your preferences. 

There are so many good reasons to do a first look if you choose to! Typically your photographer will scout a good location away from the hustle and bustle for you two to have a moment to yourselves. This is so important to share with each other before the day unfolds! Not to mention it's semi private (with only your photographers and/or close family watching from a distance, which we capture too). 

Portraits after you've had some moments together are always a good idea! You're excited, potentially drying your eyes and the energy is there for some amazing pictures. After a short session, it's is always a good time to move into bridal party and family. That way, after your ceremony you can head straight to your party and enjoy your guests and food! 

Photographs by the team at Craig Paulson Photography