All about second Shooters

Ever wonder who your second shooter will be? Well, we want to take a minute to shine the spotlight on last year’s amazing work by the second shooters. While the most important decision is who your main shooter will be (since they spend most of the day concentrating on you) the second shooter behind their camera captures some equally important moments in your wedding. Think of them as a second pair of eyes. That first time your parents see you in the dress, Dad helping putting on cufflinks and tying your tie, guests’ reactions to the first kiss and walking down the aisle as a newly wed couple to alternate angles on the portraits, moments that happen in the corner of the reception, stolen glances, laughs and tears are all just a short list of moments captured.

When we assign a second shooter to your wedding, rest assured that they are well trained & dedicated with smiles on their faces. They come to us with loads of experience and talent-and just want to hone in on the journalistic style we offer. They are complimentary to your shooter of choice, often observing on the sidelines for the alternate angle or right in the middle of the action to help the day go by smoothly! Here are some of our favorite moments by second shooters that illustrate their talent and hard work.

Collection of photographs by Caleb Miller, Michael Hardgrove, Kim Espinosa, Nicole Cordier, Mekina Saylor, Emily Kinsolving, Jenny Naima, Angel Castellanos, & Jack Jeffries.