Videography: An Important Relationship

Among the many vendors you choose for your wedding, one that accompanies photography is the video. While our pictures tell stories and capture your day, they do not come with audio. You might want to remember that speech your best friend or parent gave, hear each other’s vows during the ceremony or simply hear the music to all the dancing throughout your night. Whatever the purpose is and how important it is to you, we always encourage hiring a videographer whose style is similar to the photographer.

One important reason is workflow; you have two photographers on your day and with video you’ll add one or two more people to that mix. This means four people with cameras following you around, and sometimes this can get messy! We always aim to stay out of each others shots the best we can and compliment what everyone is doing. Sometimes we’ll play tag-for example during couple portraits we work really well together. We have some ideas of where we’d like to you walk and stop. Our videographers follow along with the action and create stunning shots similar to ours but with sound! After we’ve got the shot they’ll step in for a minute and get a couple for themselves, but most of the time it’s not necessary. They are journalists like us!

Take a look at Anita & Giri’s video and photos. The video was shot by Craig William Films, photos by Craig Paulson. They are a great team and flow naturally together, creating amazing tandem coverage! Craig William is great at finding that alternate shot, or zooming in on your facial expressions for really great candid film. His editing is superb, naturally flowing with the day to tell your story in a short edit for the web and a longer edit for you two to enjoy on your own.

Ellie Connell is our other contracted videographer. Her work is quite unique-she uses the old school Super 8 cameras to capture your wedding in an alternate way, probably similar to how your parents’ wedding looked! Since this is a very old film style, there is no audio. But worry not! She can also bring an associate and capture the wedding digitally too, giving you some sound to the video. She edits it all together in a beautiful way. Not to mention, her husband is also a top of the industry wedding photographer so she has that experience influencing her! Her and our team work effortlessly and flawlessly together, making the coverage fun and seamless! 

Check out Jackie & Jason’s wedding last year in Tribeca: