Jessica and Brian

I’m a bit of a sucker for a great wedding dress and after so many years of photographing weddings I still swoon over all the beautiful tucks and folds in the fabrics, the delicate layering of materials and the way each dress is different for each bride.  Even though most wedding dresses are some variation on white and to the casual observer may seem to all look the same, a wedding dress tells a story: it tells you about the bride’s style, her unique nature and the “finding of the dress” ends up being a defining moment in the lead up to the wedding.  So when I started going through the pictures Craig took at Jessica and Brian’s wedding in March, I immediately fell in love with Jessica’s dress.  The short tea-length in front with a traditional gown length in back were the perfect venue for showing off her fantastic sparkly Jimmy Choos (oh, did I mention I’m a sucker for shoes, too?) and it said to me that she was going to have fun at her wedding.  Looking through the rest of the pictures it looks like she, and everyone else, had a blast.

Photographed by Craig Paulson