Meghan and Manlio’s Manhattan Wedding

Man, blogging is tough.  Constantly having to think of synonyms for the word beautiful after a while, I find myself using the same words over and over and over.  (What can I say?  I really do think all our weddings are absolutely stunning, gorgeous, etc….).  The solution to a stagnant blog is to mix it up with a guest blogger so with no further ado (or not much at least) I present Gracie Paulson, lover of all things weddings, avid follower of the blog and Craig’s 7 year old daughter.

Our first wedding is Meghan and Manlio, a stunning couple who were married at Twenty Four Fifth in Manhattan.  Says Gracie of this wedding’s classic style: “It looks like an old fashioned movie.”  I agree, Gracie.  I agree.  But let’s get in to details:

Gracie’s favorite color is pink, so inevitably the soft pink tones of Meghan’s flowers and the bridal party’s attire was what first caught her eye: “It’s almost the color of a peach!”

“I have socks like that” says Gracie, “but I don’t usually wear them at weddings.”  She also loves the hair piece that reminds her of a sparkly jellyfish.

Gracie loves that Meghan picked simple jewelry, nothing too over the top.  On the other hand she also LOVES the shoes: not too high and extra sparkly!

Theo, Gracie’s 4 year old brother, also had something to say about Meghan and Manlio’s wedding, specifically: “Why do the boys have flowers?” Oh, Theo!

The picture on the left is Gracie’s favorite.  She loves the movement of the dress, the trees, all the people around them and that Meghan and Manlio are oblivious to it all, looking only at each other.  Did we mention that Gracie wants to be a wedding photographer like her dad?  Seems she would be a natural….


Thanks, Gracie (and Theo!) for your input and we have two more weddings coming up featuring out little guest blogger so stay tuned!


Photographed by Craig Paulson