Lydia & Willy's Surprise Proposal

We got a call from Lydia's Mom, excited to share her vision of her daughter's engagement. Excited to help Willy plan it all out, she chose the Pierre Hotel with it's stunning classic architecture and location right on the doorstep of Central Park as the ideal place for him to pop the question. Little did Willy know, she also planned out a few more surprises for their night including custom champagne toasting glasses with dinner and a delicious cake and white chocolate dipped strawberries to be unveiled when the family would surprise them later after dinner!

We arrived at the Pierre early to make sure we staked out the spot, waited for them to arrive and when they did asked her if she was here for the "event", which Lydia assumed was her work event. (Even her boss was in on it!) While Lydia posed for a photo Willy got down on his knees and Lydia's expression of complete surprise and disbelief was priceless. We'll let the photos tell the rest of the story-we loved every minute of it!

Photographed by Kim Espinosa.