Sarah & Morgan Spurlock's Upstate Wedding

As we plunge back into the full swing of wedding season, we wanted to share a special wedding with you all-Morgan Spurlock and his wife, Sarah Bernstein. 

The couple chose their private home in Upstate, NY-a perfect setting to host an intimate evening of good food and drinks, but most of all their closest friends and family. 

Sarah was 8 months pregnant. The Super Size Me director (the film that gave us a craving for McDonalds) has been with Sara for the last 8 years, so we're sure her dad didn't actually have a gun to his head but they did want the classic "shotgun wedding" image taken! The one shot that has been released is a fun photo of him and Sarah with Sarah’s dad in the background with a shotgun. This went viral very fast.

Sarah is the SVP of programming for HBO Documentaries and has been nominated for an Oscar. Morgan has also been nominated for an Oscar for Supersize Me.

Photographed by Craig Paulson with Lorraine Ciccarelli.